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We can prevent your fractured and worn-down teeth and dental implants from further damage and prolong their longevity with dental crowns.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown (also commonly known as a cap) is a tooth restoration method to mend damaged teeth and prevent them from further fracture. Aside from being a fixed restoration, a crown can also reinforce your tooth for a stronger bite and improved functionality, as well as benefit your overall smile with a natural-looking appearance.

Dental crowns can be made from various materials to suit your individual needs as not all materials are suitable for everyone. Some of the materials allow the dental crowns to be made to match the colour of your natural teeth, providing you with discreet tooth restorations.

How is a dental crown fitted?

First, we may administer a local anaesthetic to help you avoid any discomfort during the procedure. Afterwards, we will prepare your tooth for the treatment and take impressions to shape the crown for a good fit. Your crown will be securely fixed onto the prepared tooth to mend it and provide some extra strength and protection.

What materials are crowns made from?

There are different materials used for dental crowns since not all materials are suitable for each individual. Dental crowns can be made from ceramic, gold, acrylic and porcelain.

Benefits of dental crowns

  • Can restore natural teeth and implants
  • Safe to use with other restorative methods
  • Can be matched to the colour of your natural teeth
  • May provide your teeth with strength
  • Reinforce fractured and worn-down teeth
  • May last for a long time with good oral care and hygiene

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