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At Lenham Dental, we are an experienced team of professionals who strive to improve smiles starting from an early age.

Helping your child develop good oral care habits and have positive experiences within dental surroundings is our goal because we want your children to have healthy teeth and gums throughout their lifetime.

Why is it important to see a dentist at an early age?

Oral care habits develop at an early age and, for most people, it is difficult to change them later in life. Having healthy teeth can not only provide your child with a beautiful smile but also influence their overall well-being. According to research, children that get used to dental surroundings and visits are more prone to have better oral health and hygiene throughout their life.

At Lenham Dental, we will not only examine your child’s teeth and mouth but also provide you with better oral care techniques. We may be able to suggest a more balanced diet for improved teeth and gums.

At what age should I take my child to a dentist?

Research shows that children who develop dental issues are more prone to having cavities when they become adults. We suggest that you take your child for a dental check-up within 6 months from the eruption of the first tooth. We will then advise you on the further steps you may want to take to establish a healthy mouth for your child.

How often should I take my child to a dentist?

Regular dental examinations to review your child’s oral health and habits will help you establish better overall health for your child. We advise seeing a dentist every 6 months, but your dentist may suggest more frequent or fewer appointments, depending on your child’s individual needs.

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