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Although snoring occurs naturally in many individuals and may not be caused by any serious underlying issues, it may still feel embarrassing and disturbing.

What is snoring, and what may cause it?

Snoring is the sound that occurs due to the vibration of your respiratory system during breathing while you’re asleep. It can be caused by various factors, and some of them may include:

  • Sleep apnoea (blocked airways) and sinus problems
  • Being overweight
  • Heavy consumption of alcohol and smoking
  • Using some medications
  • The position of your body while you sleep on your back

What are snoring devices?

Snoring devices are designed to open your airways by bringing your lower jaw and tongue forward. Most commonly, they resemble a mouth guard and are worn during your sleep. Wearing such oral appliances may ease the breathing process and normalise the oxygen levels in your blood to control snoring.

Getting a snoring device

At Lenham Dental, we will carry out a consultation for you and assess if you are suitable for any oral appliances to make sure you’re safe at all times. Prior to obtaining a snoring device, we may need to examine your mouth for any possible dental issues (such as gum disease), as wearing a snoring device may lead to worsening of dental problems.

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